Concessia, investment company mainly owned by an important group of Spanish financial organizations, is an alternative route in terms of concessions parties' strategy, enabling its parties and shareholders to improve their profitability at a lower risk compared to the current model of direct investment.

Concessia was established in the late 2007s in responds to two needs:

    - The current needs of Public Authorities for private financing of infrastructures and equipment facilities.

    - Demand from financial organizations to carry out long-term investments with stable incomes with a lower risk associated.

Concessia is a proactive player in the whole life cycle of each project through an experienced management team committed for the long-term in a wide range of sectors with a highly capacity to manage large projects both local and international.

Concessia will mainly be involved in public Infrastructure and equipment facilities (hospitals, public buildings, railways, roads, airports…) developed under PFI or PPP models.

Thus Concessia has grown to currently become an alternative investment model, combining a long-term commitment of the private investment and assuring a solid independence from any other party involved in the construction industry sector, becoming an outstanding player in the PPP arena only four years after its inception.