from the Management

Concessia has been created with the aim of representing a positive contribution to the investment, management and development of Infrastructures and Public Equipment sector. The involvement of private initiative and capital in project developments that not long ago were entirely under the responsibility of the Public Sector, is now a growing trend which tends to be broaden with a higher degree of intensity within the developed countries. Public and private partnership for the investment, construction, maintenance and operation of the infrastructures and equipments result in mutual benefits for both parties, as well as delivering clear advantages to the community, which perceives that its needs regarding current and modern infrastructures are completed within slightly tighter periods compared to the current ones and with no increase of the tax burden.

These projects, even though they embody potential benefits for all parties involved, require a long-term reliability and high degree of commitment with the community that they are planned for, and for any public service required. Therefore, the importance of a solid group in this sector such as Concessia, under the control of an important amount of Savings Banks, will contribute a great value of confidence, reliability and solvency to the Public Institutions and potential shareholders, making Concessia a key party within these complicated developments.

Concessia has been created to give service quality, financial solvency, reliability and positive distinction. Moreover this is the same aim that encourages us to invite Public Institutions, financial sector, and technical partners to join us in order to achieve the exciting challenges that we have established.