The main goal of Concessia is to carry out long-term investments in Public-Private Partnership projects, satisfying the current needs of Public Authorities to develop and manage this kind of projects transferring all those risks to the private sector which is better placed to manage them.

Concessia is not just a purely investor, it is also a byword partner for infrastructures and equipment facilities, taking active part in competitive consortia as well as the managing in all the stages of the whole life cycle of the projects with a highly capacity to bid, negotiate and manage public-private partnership both local and international projects.

The main investment sectors in which Concessia will be involved are health, transport infrastructures, public equipment facilities, public and social buildings, environment, among others, with both experienced management team of the company with a large technical and financial capacity for an efficient risk management involved in all the stages of this kind of projects.

One of the strategies is to provide stable and predictable cash-flows with a steady growth of the investment portfolio value. This is achieve through a selective assessment of the bidding projects - greenfield - and the acquisition of mature projects in operation phase - brownfield - with lower risks.

Concessia invests in both minority and majority shareholdings as long as they provide sufficient management influence to secure Concessia's position as an active investor and with long-term commitment.

Likewise one of the main Concessia's objectives is to align its strengths with those from other parties within the market that also seek efficiency, reliability and maximum confidence in their investments providing a great technical and financial experience of their management team by a solid independence from any other party involved in the construction industry sector.
  • Development of new assets promoted by public sector abd subject to competitive bidding
  • Development, construction and ram up risks mitigated by the strong operational and financial expertise of the managing team
  • Proactive player in the whole life cycle of the projects
  • Investment range up to € 15 MM
  • Competitive set up consortia through the integration of strategic partners to maimize the success of the project
  • Diversified geographiccal and sector portfolio
  • Relevant stakes in local and international projects
  • No short term exit requirements
  • Acquisition of existing assets in operational stage
  • Certain and recurrent incomes
  • Possibility to refinance and benefit from financial optimization
  • Sufficient management influence to secure Concessia's position with relevant stakes of the SPV through acquisitions with a total equity up to € 15 MM
  • Absence of construccion and financial risks
SECTORES DE INVERSIÓN - Infraestructuras y Equipamientos públicos
  • Highways
  • Social Institutions
  • Wast treatment
  • Healthcare
  • Educational Institutions
  • Airports
  • Railways
  • Parkings
  • Water supplies
  • Public Buildings
  • Alternative energies
  • Environment